The Message Center is where all your customer messaging comes together. It’s your collection of conversations with your contacts – ongoing or ended.

Enter the Message Center from your Dashboard’s left navigation bar.


The Message Center has 13 parts, accessible through the left-hand menu bar:


  1. Home This is the startpage for your Message Center
  2. Inbox Where the actual conversations between you and your contacts take place. This is where the magic happens!
  3. All conversations An archive of all conversations – ongoing and ended.
  4. Contact list An overview of all your contacts.
  5. Operator Infos See which colleagues are online and how busy they are
  6. Notifications An overview of account-related notifications.
  7. AI Automation Hub Open your AI Automation Hub in a seperate browser tab.
  8. Whatsapp Campaigns Open your Whatsapp Campaigns settings
  9. Analytics
  10. Settings
  11. Help Section Find FAQ, tutorials and a direct link to our support chat
  12. Online/Away switch Control your availability for live conversations.
  13. Personal settings and chat slots Where you can adjust your personal Message Center settings and see your chatslots.